Privacy Policy


HizmetSana Product including this website and related mobile apps are owned by (MAGENTA ART REKLAM LIMITED SIRKETI) which is Turkish based company, and all data management are handled by this company.

When you use HizmetSana services, that means you trust us with your information, It’s our commitment to keep that trust.

This policy describes the information that HizmetSana collects, how data is processed, stored or shared, and what resources on the hardware are accessed.

We highly recommend reading this privacy & policy which explains all our practices and how we deal with the data provided by you.

Created: August 1st 2019
Effective Date: August 1st, 2019


  1. Data Collection
  2. This section describes how HizmetSana collect all information to provide our services, this policy is applicable to the services delivered to the consumers (using the both consumer and provider version of HizmetSana) defined as follows:

    • Service Provider: those who download and install the (HizmetSana SP) app on their devices willing to deliver one of the available services to the consumer
    • Service Consumer: those who download and install the (HizmetSana SC) app on their devices seeking to receive a service of those available services in the app.
  3. Data Handler:

    HizmetSana is a worldwide base mobile application that can operate in different countries, however, all the personal data that are captured by both (service provider, service consumer) apps are handled by the owner company


    Claims or inquiries could be submitted here

  4. Data Collected:

    HizmerSana Apps collect the following information from the users while using the application:

    • Personal Information Personal Information: Information that are entered by user when creating/updating an account such as (first/last name, date of birth, mobile number …)
    • Service Information information collected while using the apps such as Transaction information including the requester of service, location of service requested, the estimated time and fees, actual time and fees of the service delivered, as well as tracking the provider while moving to the consumer service desired address, user feedback (service provider and service consumer) regarding the service delivered.
    • Financial Information HizmetSana handle the following information:
      • User Bank Account information: including Bank Name, Bank Account, Account Holder name for the service provider in order to handle all financial settlement for services delivered to the consumer
      • User Credit Card information: HizmetSana Apps doesn’t store Credit Card information, although the current version of the application shows at registration those fields but they are not stored or handled by the application at any level, those screen of credit card information are a pre-stage to handle online payment by authorized third party provider which will be located in Turkey. When such service is implemented completely then the Privacy Policy will be updated accordingly, the credit card information will be for only (service consumer app)
      • Service providers financial balance (due to us or amount due to the provider) based on the services delivered
    • Background information: we collect and store the Device ID for (mobile/ tablet) used to request/deliver the service
  5. Data Storage:

    HizmetSana uses the information it collects for the following:

    • Providing services and features: we use the information collected by HizmetSana Apps to improve, maintain, personalize HizmetSana Apps
    • Perform enhancement operations to do necessary Apps troubleshooting, bugs analysis and business functions problems, perform data analysis, testing, and research, and to monitor and analyze usage and activity trends
    • Safety: we use collected data to screen the service providers prior to enable a service to be delivered to the consumer through our app, also collected data is used monitor provider movement while moving towards the services requester (consumer)
    • Communication among providers and consumers: HizmetSana Apps use the information collected to enable communication between provider and consumer during the movement of service provider towards the consumers address to allow chat between both of them in order to give provider guidance on location if needed.
    • We may use the information collected to investigate or address claims or disputes related to the use of service, or as otherwise allowed by applicable law, or when requested by government entities, and official inquiries.
  6. Information Sharing

    HizmetSana allow specific information sharing between service consumer and service provider apps only to enable service consumer to know the initial information about the provider which would support of the consumer decisions regarding requesting the service from specific provider or choosing another provider. The information shared between service consumer and service provider are (user full name, photo, rating and other consumers’ feedback)

  7. Service Settings:

    HizmetSana access to mobile resources can be controlled by the mobile settings (for example Location access, Camera access) HizmetSana access to resources can be modified/enabled/disabled at any time through the settings on the mobile device. But If the access to resources (Navigation/Camera) is disabled, then the use of the app will be affected. For example the location of the provider will not be known to the consumer.

  8. Updates To This Policy

    We may update the policy according to the development of the apps, or to comply to an existing law affecting the use of the apps, any updated of the policy will be immediately put on the website date of update will be set clearly and access to the old version will be granted.